Our price list

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M Wheatley Plumbing and Heating Ltd Pricing Policy 2022

Standard hourly rate 8am – 6pm

Evening/weekend hourly rate

6pm – 8pm

Emergency hourly rate

8pm – 8am

Boiler Service

Day rate

8.30am- 4.30pm

£60 £90 £150 £65 £360
Above is an outline of hourly rates charged on plumbing works. Boiler repairs are always quoted beforehand although diagnostic work may be charged at an hourly rate. Larger jobs may also be quoted for beforehand.

All rates exclude the cost of any materials.

Minimum labour charge is one hour and charged at one hour increments thereafter.

Traveling time to collect materials is also chargeable.

Some jobs may require the hire of specialist equipment, if this is the case these costs will be passed on.